05 July 2010

82 down. 80 to go.

A few more like that, and we'll get our legs back. For a long while, we were on the the wrong side of the great wave of karma. But just for one day, the waves of Lake Michigan were breaking our way. You can't say enough about what Aubrey Huff's meant for this team. I hope his teammates are taking notes. Was that Panda I saw driving Huff in from second to tie the game? Meanwhile, Buster Posey straight dekes everybody, including Dave Groeschner, and deposits one in the right field stands. Bum wrist, my bum. Dirty Sanchez can't seem to get through five innings in less than 261 pitches. So frustrating to see such good stuff in the hands of a guy with more mental hangups than yours truly. Someone needs to find him an ounce or two of whatever he smoked the night of his no-no. I hadn't bothered to look at the standings for more than a week, for obvious reasons. 7 games back. Jesus. Well, nothing like a thrilling pennant chase to keep the blood flowing!

P.S. Trying something new and cross-posting to Facebook via the ol' Blogspot. Hope your consumption of Under the Arcade is not inconvenienced by this change in format.

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