20 July 2010

93 down. 69 to go.

If you want to suggest that Weezy loaded the bases in the 9th just to face Casey Blake in a game-deciding situation, I'd agree there's some smoke there. But when you snap back to reality, you realize that Weezy loads the bases half the times he takes the bump. It doesn't matter if he's got a one-run lead or a three-run lead, and it surely doesn't matter who's coming up sixth in the inning. A professional closer wants nothing more than to end the game. To give the opposition any chance to come back — let alone win — goes against the entire premise of closing. You can say Brian Wilson is a drama queen and gets off in tight spots, and you may be right. But to think that he consciously puts himself into those spots is a much less likely proposition. When Blake appeared in the box, I imagine Wilson appreciated the significance, but I doubt he'd given it much thought beforehand. Either way, the guy's 26 of 28 and tied for the MLB lead in saves. I'll take the sphincter-tightening drama if that's the end result. Props to MadBum for a fine first start at Chavez Ravine. Kudos to Nasty Nate for going yard in a rare start. Stay hot, Buster Posey. Welcome back, Pablo Sandoval?

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