08 July 2010

84 down. 78 to go.

Have a day, Buster Posey. As Baggs tweeted after his first career grand slam: "I think Buster Posey is going to make it in this league." How much more can you say about this kid? Great approach. Great swing. Great attitude. He's even got a beautiful wife. And he's only 23? Don't mind me if I get a little weepy next time he catches MadBum. The G's may not win jack s*** this season, but there's certainly a lot worth looking forward to. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball, I think it's safe to say Big Time Timmy Jim has rediscovered his mojo. When his fastball's cracking in the mid-90s — and more importantly, getting swing throughs — his change and slurve become virtually untouchable. This was the perfect start to take him into the break. With any luck, he'll get into the All-Star Game and light it up with a Fernando-esque performance, and it would be about time. Poor kid gets sick in '08, then shelled as the N.L. starter in '09. He deserves a break on the national stage, and a nation of baseball fans deserves to see him on top of his game. Let's hope the boys saved some runs for today's series finale, and that Zito's luck changes in Milwaukee. My broom is at the ready.

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