30 July 2010

103 down. 59 to go.

Got a few minutes between politico events here in the City by the Bay, so I plopped myself down at Philz and pulled out the ol' laptop to give you my one-word comment on yesterday's "contest". And that word, is "Meh." I'm not going to obsess over one game in a sport where you play 162 before it's all said and done, and you shouldn't either. Just look at it this way: The boys were saving all their hits for the ducking Fodgers. BTW: Squish, squish, no hitting streak record for Buster, but man is this kid a class act. Let's get back to thinking about winning. Damn right, BP! Speaking of which, did anyone else notice #MadBum entered the game 4 for his last 4 with a sub 1.50 ERA? Bonus question: When's the last time you thought of the name Todd Wellemeyer? War Panda for coming up huge with the doink that kept this from being the sixth no-hitter of the (not even two-thirds completed) season. I don't think a loss would slow down the Giants one bit. Getting no-no'd in their own yard? Yeah, that could do it. See you at the Cove tonight, my little droogies. Don't forget to follow along on the ol' Twitter thingie.

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