26 July 2010

99 down. 63 to go.

First off, lemme say that it's good to know the Giants are reading my blog. Put your foot on their neck and step down. Don't let them catch their breath. Don't let them get any momentum. Don't let them feel at all good about themselves. Just crush like Obama in February of '08, like Sherman in Atlanta, like Alexander in Persia. That's how you build a winning record on the road. It's how you reel off 16 wins in 20 games. It's how you score more runs than any team in the majors in July — I am not kidding — with six games still to play. It's how you win pennants. It's a funny thing, this game of baseball. One week, the sky is falling; the next week, you're walking on air. It's hard enough for fans to navigate these unpredictable seas of emotion. I have no idea how the players retain their focus. But this team seems to have the answer: Wipe your mind clean every day. Win the game at hand. Wait until tomorrow to worry about tomorrow. Good advice for life. BTW: Nice to see Timmy back in form, but I've written that line before, and it's growing a little tired. Sooner or later, we're gonna find out what's been crawling up this kid's butt since Spring Training, and I have a feeling it's not gonna be good news. To be sure, the kind of dominance Timmy displayed over the past two seasons is typically fleeting, but this year's struggles go beyond a return to the middle. A guy with his stuff should never suffer prolonged slumps, nor should his body forget how to throw strikes for weeks at a time. But that's what we've seen from Timmy v.2010, and I'm sorry, but nobody goes to the playoffs wondering what they're gonna get out of their staff ace in any given start. Something's gotta give.

P.S. Forget ROY. If he keeps this up, Buster Posey gets my vote for MVP.

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