21 July 2010

94 down. 68 to go.

What the hell can I say after that? Let's start at the end and work our way forward, shall we? First off, another strong outing from @JeremyAffeldt locking down his third (!) save of the year — and really, a tremendous job by the whole bullpen to keep the Doyers in check while the offense capitalized on some key breaks to overcome an early deficit. As for the ninth inning insanity, I don't know what to say. I suppose one could view this as karma coming back around after Sunday's umpiring debacle. It could also be attributed to the Doyers going through a stretch not unlike what the G's experienced earlier in the month when the Hated Ones invaded the Cove. Either way, the chain of events that began with Lincecum hitting Kemp and ended with Mattingly's little dance with the 18-foot circle would be too ridiculous to believe if I hadn't watched the game with my own two eyes. You truly do see something new every day in this here game of baseball. Btw: Wtf with Big Time Timmy Jim? He seemed like he had it all sorted last time out, then he throws up this dud. I can't possibly be the only one concerned about the lack of consistency from our staff ace. Meanwhile, the Panda has returned. God, please let him stay a while. Speaking of God, can I get an amen for Andres Torres? Bochy's eagle eye ends up turning him around to the right side — his weaker side — and he still crushes the game winner.

P.S. Buster F***ing Posey. (Just had to mention him since he does something routinely stupendous every day.)

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