17 April 2012

Early Observations from Section 104

Courtesy of the Butch Husky Estate © 2012
Ten games in. Time for a bunch of irrational and reactionary tweeting about Lincecum sucking out the wrong side of the bong, the Melk Man going Iced Mocha over the last three contests, and the need to lock up Buster Posey into his retirement years.

Or, we could just throw a few bullet points at the white board of life and see what sticks in a month or two. Anything's better than obsessing over Matt Kemp's OPS two weeks into the season.

With that, here are my 10 observations from the first 10 games of the young season...

Game 1 (D-Bags 5, Gigantes 4): We could legitimately focus on Timmy in three of these points, but this game was instantly noteworthy because last year it would have been over after the first inning. This year, there's a little more pop, a little more bop, and a little more je ne sais quoi. This year, they're going to make every game interesting. At least we all can hope they do.

06 April 2012

Opening Day Open Thread

Okay, so I'm not so blind as to ignore my analytics. I don't expect a robust conversation, but it's Opening Day, and I'll probably have a lot to share, so consider this Butch's Open Thread of One...


Observation 1: 11:58 AM

Seriously, Bochy? After the virtual joy fest that has been the roster selection process, you're going to plug The Riot in at second base? Just when you thought it was safe to say the youth movement is on, the Brain goes and pulls one our of his old cap of tricks. Oh well, I guess I can move Manny back to my fantasy bench for now... And I thought that was such an inspired late-round steal!