06 April 2012

Opening Day Open Thread

Okay, so I'm not so blind as to ignore my analytics. I don't expect a robust conversation, but it's Opening Day, and I'll probably have a lot to share, so consider this Butch's Open Thread of One...


Observation 1: 11:58 AM

Seriously, Bochy? After the virtual joy fest that has been the roster selection process, you're going to plug The Riot in at second base? Just when you thought it was safe to say the youth movement is on, the Brain goes and pulls one our of his old cap of tricks. Oh well, I guess I can move Manny back to my fantasy bench for now... And I thought that was such an inspired late-round steal!


Observation 2: 3:59 PM

Never ceases to maze me that with all the time I spend thinking about Opening Day and where I'm going to watch, I always end up at a buddy's place drinking beers and... mowing the lawn, shall we say.


Observation 3: Bottom of the 1st

There's something about great pitchers and the first inning. Maybe it's the adrenaline or a slight dash of over-confidence, but so many of them are vulnerable early. If you let them get into a groove, they'll crush you. The D-Backs just cracked the code. Again.


Observation 4: Middle of the 4th

This is beginning to look a lot like the 2011 vintage. #FPOM

Sub-observation: Look, there's nothing wrong with swinging at the first pitch — provided it's the exact pitch you were guessing. That's how I feel about ANY pitch. If you get what you're looking for, swing. If you don't, don't swing until you get to two strikes. Seems simple enough, but maybe that's why it doesn't catch on.


Observation 5: Top of the 5th

Timmy found his groove, and the Melk Man just found the seats. What a rope. This dude is completely locked in. Loving that trade thus far. We'll see how Dirty does for the Royals on Sunday in Anaheim.


Observation 6: Top of the 6th

I don't like to compliment players for just getting the job done, but that's what Brandon Crawford just did. Tie game. Timmy's off the hook — for now.


Observation 7: Bottom of the 6th

Ah, fuckadiddles.


Observation 8: Middle of the 8th

The boys are not exactly doing a stellar job of battling in the late innings. Seems like everybody is over-anxious and trying to mash when they should be trying to get on ze base. But what do we expect, eh?


Final Observation: D-Backs 5, Giants 4

I always say, "Get the tying run into scoring position," and I'm satisfied, but goddammit, I wanted Buster to loop one over Goldschmidt's head right there. Not often you see Timmy give up 5 runs, but then again, the ESPN ticker says he's done it three times in the past two years now. Awesome.

See you guys tomorrow.

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