27 July 2010

100 down. 62 to go.

Outta here? Fan interference? Did he get both feet in? Doesn't really matter now. My first live experience with instant replay ended on a positive note for Aaron Rowand and the Orange and Black, even if it didn't lead to an eventual victory. Despite the unhappy result of Game #100, it was comforting to see the bats come alive in the late innings, and I was once again impressed by my team's refusal to go quietly into the night. This is the kinda game that, even in defeat, gives me hope for the remainder of what's sure to be a wild and crazy pennant race. It was obvious the boys were spent. 18 out of 22 games on the road will do that to you. They looked flatter than a pancake for the first six innings, but when the game was on the line, they put the tying run at third and the winning run in the batter's box. That they didn't finish off the comeback is disappointing. If they hadn't even made the effort? That would be demoralizing. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: You can accuse the Giants of falling short in a lot of categories, but resilience is not among them. Don't put it past these guys to come out tonight and stick a hot poker up Josh Johnson's rear end. After all, they live to rebound. BTW: War Buster Posey on his 19-gamer. How 'bout you put a little suspense into it one of these nights, kid? Where's your sense of drama? (And I don't mean coming up lame after sliding into third.) As for the guy on the bump, is there some sort of mental plague haunting the starting rotation? Why do we have the market cornered on headcase pitchers? And when are they gonna get their collective heads straight? Here's hoping it's sometime around August 1st. Otherwise, this is gonna be one torturous 62-game stretch. FYI: I'm taking a leave of absence from the Cove, but I'll be back in Section 104 for the whole Doyers series this weekend, so stay tuned to the ol' Twitter thingie.

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