28 July 2010

101 down. 61 to go.

And then, it was 20... Kinda felt like a playoff game as opposed to a weeknight tilt against one of the league's younger teams. The heated atmosphere even came through in HD. So much to praise from this one: we held our own against the hottest pitcher in the game; we hung three runs on his line for the first time in three months; Juan U-RIBE and Edgar "Dude, where's my bat speed?" Rentería came up huge against the Florida bullpen;  Buster stayed hot and is fast approaching Stretch McCovey's San Francisco hit streak record; Aaron "Automatic 0-2" Rowand picked up another pair of hits; Serg and B-Weezy held it down in relief of a hit-and-miss Shotgun Cain... I could go on, but let's just say this: Good win, boys. Didn't hurt that the Hated Ones shut out the Fathers in San Diego, putting the Orange and Black just 2.5 back in the West, the closest they've been in months. That's not to say Butch was thinking blue. It's still far too early in this race to start rooting for the Doyers. Besides, we're leading the Wild Card Division, so who cares about the West, right? BTW: If you're lovin' Weezy's new bright orange kicks, check out this item from Henry Schulman's Splash blog on SFGate.com. According to the Twitter feed of CSN's Amy G, Wilson received the questionable cleats unsolicited from Nike. Apparently, they magically appeared in his locker at the All-Star Game in Anaheim. This makes me wish Phil Knight would visit in the middle of the night and leave a pair of Jordans in my closet. How 'bout it, Phil?

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