23 July 2010

96 down. 66 to go.

Matt Cain is a horse. I know, occasionally he goes out there and lays the proverbial turd, but Bochy can ride this kid to the end of the earth and back and he'd still be ready to go out for another inning. Unfortunately, the kid sporting the new fro suffers from some of the worst run support in the Show. If he didn't have the Great Zito as a teammate, the lack of offense in Shotgun's starts would appear even more pronounced. Yet he keeps going back out the to bump and throwing strikes. He's not afraid to throw a fastball challenge to Mark Reynolds with a one-run lead. He's not gonna shy away from putting one under Chris Young's chin. If the word "gamer" applies to anyone on this Giants team, it ain't Aaron "0-fer" Rowand. It's the 25-year old blond kid from Alabama who takes the ball every five days and gives his team a chance to win. (Yeah, that's right: 25. Can you believe this kid is six months younger than Timmy?) And if the 8-8 record puts any doubt in your mind about his talents, please to consider the 3.10 ERA, 1.16 WHIP, and .226 BAA. Wins aren't everything, baseball fans. Just look at Timmy's second Cy season in '09. BTW: Buster didn't waste any time extending his hit streak to 16 games, moving up to third on the all-time list of San Francisco rookies — and he got an RBI out of it, too. Looks like I may have jinxed Pablo a couple days ago with my exuberance over his apparent return to Pandamonium. I'll hold off on my commentary until he gets his head straight for good, but one thing nobody seems to be talking about — other than my roommate who astutely reminded me of it — is Sandoval's recent eye surgery, and how his new and improved peepers might be affecting his offensive production. I don't know if that's the case, and his torrid April would suggest that it's not. But food for thought, nonetheless.

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