07 July 2010

83 down. 79 to go.

You can get all the gifts in the world, but you still have to take advantage. Pablo gave Counsell a gift, and the Brewers' shortstop gave it right back. That's baseball. Besides, MadBum earned that break with a stout performance for his first big league W. Even managed to plunk Prince Fielder — albeit far too gently. Not to mention, the kid can swing the stick. MadBat anyone? As my friend A-Kob queried on the ol' Twitter thing: "Do you think Bochy considered switching MadBum and Edgar in the lineup?" If he didn't, he should have. Renteria looks old, slow, and apathetic at the plate, and it's not like he's ever been Omar Vizquel at short. I smell a DFA in the offing. Kind of impressive this team is anywhere near .500, let alone competing in what's turned out to be a tough division: Lincecum is nowhere near the dominant force everybody's come to expect, and he really hasn't been his usual self since April; Sandoval is making a lot of people regret investing in those corny panda hats; and the bullpen's been a mine field when it was projected to be one of this team's strengths. If any two of these three elements come around in the second half, we can still make waves in the National League. If all three are still hit-and-miss on August 1st, we're toast. Simple as that.

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