21 January 2011

Countdown to Scottsdale #37: Joe Martinez, P

I sing the song of Joe Martinez, who took a line drive off his face and lived to tell the tale. Between Todd Wellemeyer and Madison Bumgarner, there was Joe Martinez. He was brought up from the Grizzlies to spot for Wellemeyer after the latter pitcher came up with a gimpy quad somewhere between home and first and halfway through the month of June. He got pretty well lit up in his one and only start and was relegated to the bullpen before being shipped off to the Pirates in the deal for "The Other" Javy Lopez. In July, he bailed out Jonathan Sanchez after Dirty gave up a 5-spot over 3.2 in D.C. Little Joe somehow kept a clean sheet over 1.2 innings despite 3 hits and a pair of walks, but didn't factor in the decision when the Giants rallied late to win 10-5.

Thanks, Joe.

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