28 January 2011

Countdown to Scottsdale #25: Cody Ross, OF

I sing the song of Cody Ross, the best waiver claim in the history of Major League Baseball. Who woulda thunk it that one of those Giant killers we love to hate would suddenly be thrust into the role of messianic October hero? Yet there he was, popping a pair of jacks off Roy Halladay to lead the Orange and Black to a Game 1 victory in the National League Championship Series. (Btw, as reported in many other reputable news outlets, Cody Ross spelled backwards is Ssory Doc.) And now it seems he's here to stay — at least for another year. But seeing as how we've only had the guy in the fold for a couple months of ball, who's to know what he could do over a full season with this Band of Misfits? (Hardcover out soon — pay Baggs his money!) And what a couple of months it was...

After being plucked off the Marlins' roster — primarily to keep the West-leading Padres from improving their chances down the stretch, it took #RossIsBoss a good little while to crack into the regular outfield rotation. Fans will recall that over the first three weeks of September, Jose Guillen was getting the majority of reps in right despite his gimpy legs and inconsistent bat. But Cody proved that patience is a virtue, contributing in key situations and waiting for his chance to shine. That chance came when Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean decided it was in the team's best interests to keep Guillen off the postseason roster and plant Ross in right field. Permanently.

That's how it came to be that Cody Ross hit .294/.390/.686 for the postseason, that he was crowned NLCS MVP, that he lifted the trophy with all the little flags on it into the night on November the 1st in the year of the Giants. A-freaking-men for waiver claims!

Thanks, Cody.

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