31 August 2010

Live tweeting space filler

Instead of reflecting on Monday night's game while my head is still throbbing from beating it against the wall, I offer you the following history of Sunday's contest via my Twitter feed. Do check it out and give a brother a follow while you're there...

12:17 PM Aug 29th
Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Live tweeting from Section 104 to commence shortly. Stay tuned. #sfgiants

2:26 PM
Back up again after issues with AT&T Park WiFi. Ironic considering I rock an iPhone. Anyway, back to the game... #sfgiants

2:32 PM
Catching up on the game: Matt Cain = horse. Andres Torres = beast. Eli Whiteside = not Buster. Pablo Sandoval = Panda. #sfgiants

2:34 PM
@sfgiants Can we hear some "Good Vibrations" on the #SFGOrgan?

3:03 PM
Shotgun gave us just what the doctor ordered today. This rotation needs a leader. Cain might be the guy. #sfgiants

3:17 PM
Well, I always like to be there when the season ends. #sfgiants

3:22 PM
#sfgiants and #Padres with dueling four-game slides. G's could be on the verge of being 2 out. Could be.

3:26 PM
Guillen's had all kinds of chances to make up for beefing that 1st inning popup yesterday. He just came thru big time. #sfgiants #BeatAZ

3:28 PM
We. Will. Not. Lose. Today. RT @GSWJim  @ArcadeDreams Maybe spoken too soon.

3:32 PM
First time I've seen the McCovey Cove suite unoccupied. Might have to run a guerilla maneuver and bum rush the joint. #sfgiants

3:40 PM
Yeah. #thathappened #sfgiants

3:41 PM
Yeah. #thathappened too. #sfgiants

3:48 PM
SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING:  #sfgiants baseball may be bad for your health.

3:55 PM
Even my usher is ripping Bochy for his machinations. I usually cut him some slack, but why put Wilson in Nate's spot & not Ross'? #sfgiants

[Butch's note: That last one turned out to be a prophetic tweet.]

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