26 October 2010

Sharing in the Groove

Hey everybody! I've been flying high ever since Saturday night, and as such, I'm a little tardy on my NLCS Game 6 recap blog. The good thing about waiting is it allows me to absorb what everyone else is saying, process my own thoughts, and come at you with a unique take. I was about to bang something out last night when my new friend Dustin Parkes, author of the "Getting Blanked" baseball blog at TheScore.com, hit me up to write the Gigantes end of a double-bill blog looking ahead to the — breathe — World Series. Seeing as how I'm still trying to make waves on this wide open sea called the Internet, it's safe to say I seized the opportunity like a jewel-encrusted rally thong. You can read the result of my toils here, and please, spread the word to friends, fans, and colleagues.


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